Oxford Motorcars Restoration Services

Entrust Oxford with your classic!

Many people have dreamed about restoring their dream car, but feel as though it is out of their financial grasp.

Restoration projects are either something you work on for years in your own garage or you hand your checkbook over to the professionals and pick up your finished product. Very few people consider the in between.

Oxford Motorcars takes great pride in offering a different approach to vintage car restoration; we put the customer’s wants and budget first. When a vehicle is brought in to be restored, after a thorough inspection, we take the massive project and break it down into manageable goals. We tailor each project to our customer’s needs and financial ability by offering an a la carte service menu where they can professionally restore their dream car little by little.

Here at Oxford, we have mastered the ability to work within a given budget. We are very proud of the transparency we provide our customers. We’re happy to invite our customers to our shop to observe the restoration process and the steps we take in restoring their car to its former glory. When there is a decision to be made in this process, we talk it through together. We will never push a customer to approve work that they do not want or that is out of their price range. Our goal is to provide the customer with their dream car within their financial limitations. We can reach any level of quality that is desired.


Restoration Services:


Frame Repair

Interior Upholstery

Gauge Remanufacturing

Wire Wheel Repair & Reconditioning

Chrome Panel Refinishing / Repair

Complete Suspension Reconditioning

Floor Panel Replacement

Door and Body Panel Adjustments


And Much More!