This 1958 MG A is a phenomenal candidate for a complete restoration. The body panels are solid and the chassis is in remarkable condition. This is the perfect example of a "barn find", although she wasn't found in a barn. The owner has had this vehicle for over 40 years and always kept it properly stored. 

Our initial inspection uncovered issues with the brake and clutch hydraulics, poor fluids, and an ignition system that needed a complete tuning. Our first step was to address the brake and clutch hydraulics. Every brake component was replaced including the brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake shoes and hardware. The brake drums were resurfaced in house and we did a complete system flush and bleed. For the clutch repairs, the clutch slave cylinder was replaced as well as all hydraulic flex hoses. 

The next steps we plan to take include a thorough ignition system tune up, valve adjustment, performance tuning and full flush and replacement of all fluids. This will wrap up the mechanical restoration of this project. 

As for restoring this MGA to her former glory, we definitely do have some bodywork planned. We intend to have all paint stripped from the body and have any necessary metal work done before having her resprayed. New wheels, tires and some interior work have also been suggested, but the customer will make the final decision on how this 58 year old beauty looks in the end.

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