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1964 MGB

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Year: 1964

Make: MG

Model: B

Engine: 4 cyl.

Trans: 4 speed manual with overdrive

In 1962 the MGA, the car that had revolutionized the small displacement sports car, was starting to lose it's radical edge in an age of unprecedented automotive innovation. In response to waning popularity, the folks at Abingdon went back to the drawing board to recreate the magic of the MGA. The result was a car that was, once again, decades ahead of its time. The MGB was so timeless in its styling, design and performance that it endured, without major redesigns, until production ended 18 years later in 1980. Of all the MGBs that were ever produced, the most desirable model is undoubtedly the MGB Mk1.

The Mk1 MGBs were the purest of the Bs , these cars left the factory unhampered by the safety regulations and minor styling changes that would muddle future iterations of the car. Mk1 MGBs retain their removable folding tops that stow neatly in the trunk, leaving the lines of the car clean throughout the passenger compartment straight to the back of the car. They feature the handsome pull-handle doors that make them easily recognizable from later models. Perhaps the most attractive element that sets the early MGBs aside from later models though is the metal dashboard that harkens back to one of the most attractive styling elements of the MGAs (US safety regulations mandated a pillow dashboard for cars produced after 1967). Mechanically, the formula of the MGA remained alive and well in the MGBs. The B series engine transitioned from one car to the next, although it was enlarged to 1789CC for use in the MGB. Redesigned front disc brakes made for more reliable stopping power. Most radical though was the use of unibody construction on the MGB, making for a much stronger and stiffer body that not only aided in rigidity going down the road, but also provided unprecedented safety in the event of a collision. Of the MGBs built, less than 20% had factory overdrive, making it a very rare option. Overdrive cars could easily reach and surpass the 100mph mark.

This 1964 MGB Mk1 presented here is, unabashedly, the best Mk1 MGB for sale on the market today. It has just undergone a complete bottom up, nut and bolt restoration at a well known British car restoration shop in Florida. From top to bottom you will not find a better looking car. This is just about as nice as you can get for a car that you can still expect to drive on the road, as opposed to trailering it from show to show. The paint is gorgeous and has deep lustre to it. The body is straight, rust free, and not bondo-ridden like so many of these cars are. You can expect this car to hold up for years to come provided it is cared for properly. Underneath, the car looks just as nice as it does on the top-side. Mechanically the car idles well, starts right up (even in the cold). Going down the road the car is extremely solid. It tracks straight and does not wander, even on the highway at speed. The transmission is smooth and quiet. All the synchro's appear in good order as you would expect on a car that has just been rebuilt. Speaking of speed, with the overdrive unit the car is comfortable at 80mph and beyond. It can genuinely be used alongside modern cars. This is not one that you need to keep off of the freeways. All of the gauges and electrical components work as they should. It should be added that, although not pictured, this car also comes with a restored period correct fiberglass hardtop, as well as a black soft top and a black tonneau cover. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever about this vehicle.

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