September Edition: What's New In The Oxford Garage?
1968 Triumph TR250
Oxford’s very own TR250 was brought into the shop this month. This stunning navy blue beauty decided to be a true British car on a test run and breakdown. She was brought back to Oxford with a dead battery - for some reason the car was not charging. Our crew had to check all the wiring and ensure the internal regulator was working properly before determining that the alternator had failed. With the source of the problem identified, we then removed, rebuilt and reassembled.  After load testing the battery, she is now road ready again and looking for her forever home.
1972 Triumph TR6 
A friend of Oxford recently purchased a gorgeous, yellow ’72 TR6. He was absolutely in love with his new vehicle, but he wasn’t in love with the exhaust sound or the worrisome fuel smell. As with any new vehicle purchase, he wanted to know if it was road safe and brought it to us to complete an Oxford inspection. We found this car to be in wonderful driving condition with the exception of a few decaying fuel lines under the hood. After replacing all the rubber fuel lines from the fuel tank to the carburetors, the troublesome fuel smell is now gone and the vehicle is safe to drive. As for the exhaust sound, the customer was not a fan of the drone of the aftermarket Monza exhaust system. We easily removed the old system and replaced it will a new factory exhaust system.  Our customer is now driving his beautiful yellow vehicle happily knowing it is safe and “sound”.
1975 Triumph TR6
This past month certainly goes to the Triumphs. Keeping with the theme, Oxford was contacted by a concerned TR6 owner that noticed his vehicle was shimmying at highway speeds. The vehicle was picked up just south of Boston and then transported back to our facility where it underwent a thorough inspection. All four wheels where placed on a balancer where we found 3 out of the 4 rims to be bent and all of the tires to be considerably out of round. We advised the customer that both the rims and tires needed to be replaced. Instead of simply replacing what he had, the customer decided to upgrade to Panasport wheels with some modern Michelin tires. Now the car not only looks beautiful but drives smooth at any speed.



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