July Newsletter: What's New in the Oxford Garage?
    After hosting the BMW Car Club of America’s Boston Chapter, Oxford was introduced to a 1989 BMW 325i in need of some repairs. Once we completed the standard Oxford inspection, we uncovered some dangerously rotted brake and fuel lines. Master fabricator, Nate Almeida, was happy to replace the old lines with some brand new ones! The exhaust system in this E30 was also in need of some TLC. The rear exhaust was installed incorrectly and the exhaust flanges were broken. They needed to be removed and replaced. Last but not least, an audible tick from the valve train was a complaint of the customer. A valve adjustment, which is standard maintenance for these vehicles, quickly corrected the problem and this little BMW is road ready once again.

      This beautiful 2004 Harley Davidson FLSTCI has sadly been sitting in storage for the past ten years. It was brought into Oxford to get her back on the road and running as good as new. Our first step was to change all of the fluids, filters and plugs. The fuel injection system was inoperative so we drained the fuel then cleaned and lubricated the injectors. Also, after sitting for so long, the tires became dry and brittle. It was absolutely necessary to replace the tires to ensure the safety of the driver.

      When a vintage car is involved in an accident, it is absolutely heartbreaking to feel like that piece of history has been lost forever. But when you find a car that you truly love, you will do whatever it takes to restore her to her former glory. Such was the case with this 1967 Triumph TR4A.
      We knew that the vehicle would need some bodywork but one of the biggest concerns was how much damage the chassis endured. When this vehicle was brought into Oxford, our first step was to separate the body from the chassis for a complete inspection and some painstakingly precise measurements. Our technicians repaired all of the rot spots on the chassis before sending it to be straightened. Once it returned, we installed a RATCO rear differential support to increase the structural integrity and strengthen the chassis. It is now being powder coated and will soon be back to be mated into the body once again. 
      Don’t let a small accident get you down. Your vintage car deserves to be on the road and with the help of Oxford, we can make it happen.



      Sometimes when you restore your vehicle you forget about some of the minor automotive maintenance. This 1967 Pontiac Firebird had been fully restored but never received an alignment. Not something major but definitely something you will notice over time. After a custom vintage car alignment, she’s driving as straight as an arrow! All that is left to have her in perfect condition again is some carburetor tuning and the replacement of a few interior components. No matter how big or small your project may be, Oxford is always here to help.



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