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Oxford's February Cars and Coffee event was featured in the British Marque, a car club periodical.  In the article, Ellen Riboldi detailed her experience at Oxford and comments on the quick tech session for the day: how to pull an engine out of an MGA.  We at Oxford send big 'thank you' to our friends at the British Marque and Cape Cod British Car Club for the amazing article.  The full article is below.  

Oxford Motors hosts Cars & Coffee

by Ellen Riboldi

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Oxford Motorcars, new to me, is a gem of an automotive car company in East Providence.  

We first met them when they attended and sponsored the British Legends Weekend, the annual signature event of Cape Cod British Car Club, held each fall.  They cordially invited local car clubs to visit their showroom/garage, a real treat in itself not only for the stunning array of autos, some (like my BMX "Rex") wintering there, some real beauties from all walks of life (or perhaps "drives of life" is more suitable a description).

We had the pleasure of seeing real craftsmen, not only mechanics, at work as they meticulously hauled the engine and tranny form a racing MGA.  Such care!  They surrounded the body with mats and wore gloves!  I couldn't believe how clean the green engine block was, and how adept they were at using the lift and tow rigging to get the parts out so smoothly.  Nary an "oops" was heard.  Joe, Jim and Nate worked like surgeons!

Our hostess Samantha was very friendly and helpful, taking sign-ups to receive her monthly newsletter, and inviting us not only to a scrumptious breakfast, but rewarding us after the project to participate in an eight-foot-long hero lunch! 

So now i know where all the beautiful MGAs are!  Samantha said "Gunga," my 1961 Dove Grey 1600, would feel right at home.  

Such an array of vehicles - some for sale.  I saw my automotive acquisition life flash before my eyes when I saw a Porsche 914 (the one I had back in the day was orange - you all remember the 1970s, don't you?), a Volkswagen Thing, which I haven't seen in decades, like my brothers, and for you Inspector Morse Brit mystery fans, the classic red 1965 Jaguar sedan that he drove while drinking beer, listening to Wagner, and finding out "whodunit."

What really caught my eye (don't think me a traitor to our British heritage!) was a showroom gleaming Chrysler Town & Country woody from the 1940s.  Sweet!  

Joe said he would like to join us at BLW next year and do a tech session.  Oxford is planning monthly events to be held at the East Providence location, on the first Saturday of the month.  I for one will definitely be there!

An much to my surprise and delight, I'd say the average age of the staff here is 25!  Since most of us had our first LBC when we were in college, it delights me to think a younger generation also knows the thrill of vintage cars and how special they are.  



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