Oxford at the Limerock Historics 2015
The Oxford team had high hopes for the 33rd running of the Lime Rock Historics. It is always challenging to fit the race prep in around the edges of all the customer work in the shop. This year was particularly bad and Lime Rock was to be our only event. I remember in May, my business partner Chris and I sat down with Joe (head mechanic) and we remarked how much time we had to get everything sorted. A week before the event we had to get motors and transmissions in: my race car (912), my father's (105 the blue one), as well as in the black MG TC and the blue TR250 that we brought to sell. That was a busy weekend! 
Anyway, we brought our 200hp twincam, the green car, which my father ran for precisely 9/10 laps of the first race before stuffing it into the wall at the bottom of the down hill. We took the numbers off and slapped them on the real number 105, which we had brought as a spare. That car promptly developed distributor problems as the dizzy would not advance properly. Despite getting the motor and transmission physically in my car in time to head to the track late Thursday, none of the ancillaries were hooked up. Various problems with that, mixed in with a failed spark plug wire mid race and seized calipers on the orange ex-Chris Meyers and Mel Vague twincam, meant that yours truly finished a grand total of 7 laps on the weekend. The good news is that my tires will still be fresh next year! 
After working diligently with Joe on his twincam, Chris got to run the final day of racing.  Even though it was only two races, it was still a great weekend!



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